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Broadway Bound

Into the Star's Dressing Room

26 March
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my pet!
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So to say Resume:
10+ Church Musicals I'm not going to list, cuz no one's ever heard of them but I must say "Christmas in Egypt" was my first Musical ever, I was 7 and I had the lead(child lead that is)

Alright: Cobb Children's Theatre
Peter Pan- Carho The Pirate/Jane Tech-Assistant Stage Manager
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe-Drow a dark elf... I got to sword fight! Tech-Wardrobe
Joseph and the Amazing Techni-colored Dreamcoat- Reuben's wife/Ensemble Tech-Grip
West Side Story- Rosalia a Shark Girl Tech-Fly
Alice in Wonderland - I played on the techie side and was Assistant Stage Manager/Grip
Godspell- Actor/Ensemble Tech- Key Grip <----- This show sprang the famous catch phrase of Marko-Melko b/c I had to tape all the sets.. I was quite efficient...even color coded per scenes!

North Cobb Theatre:
The Kid Who to Talked to Penguins- Harlowe P. Whitcomb III, Jr.
You Can't Take It With You- Penny Sycamore
A Midsummer Night's Dream- Hippolyta/Titania
Senior Showcase 2004- "Time Flies"-May fly
Wendell's Tale- Mom, Psychiatrist #4, Contestant #4, A little girl, and Ultracrepidate
Disney's Beauty and the Beast- Mrs. Potts Tech-Choreographer, Costumes, and Sets

Miscellaneous Work:
A Christmas Carol-Ghost of Christmas Past
And have randomly played my flute in shows and have sang little numbers in several talents shows and church shows

Current Work(and more to come):
Showcases and APO stuff.....